X-712 Wheel Aligner
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        X-712 Wheel Aligner Professional Reliable Affordable Introduction: X-712 Wheel Aligner is the first wheel aligner with 2 cameras system which provides 3D models and full-range of wheel alignment service through visual measurement technology. Durable target Passive target demanding no periodic calibration Easy operation and maintenance due to no request for cable connection and battery charging. Convenient Rolling Run-out compensation procedure Precise measurement Stable light source Dynamic compensation measurement Real-time display of data makes the adjustment easier. Flexible measuring modes to give easy access for users of traditional wheel aligners. User friendly Advanced graph processing mode identification and computer visual technology. Perfect 3D model on base of kinesiology, optical measurement and automotive technology. Features: Customized LED Display Tough Target Ergonomic Clamp 3D/2D View Programme Localized Database

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