Supply Crecorder Products to SPX Officially
元征软件     2011-09-30 00:00:00.0

        After passed a series of complex procedures and qualifications and become SPX supplier, LAUNCH Tech first DIY product Crecorder for SPX has been successfully developed and put into production. The Crecorder provided to the SPX's inherited features and advantages of Launch Tech own product Crecorder II. Crecorder is a diagnostic tool for individual car owners. It can collect engine data when the vehicle is driving, measure and monitor conditions of a moving car. All data recorded can display the changing process of the data stream in 24 hours by form of table and graph after they are read by the client software, so it's the known as "car black box" to this industry. It has an elegant and exquisite appearance and can be installed on the vehicle for long-time use; the client software has a user-friendly interface, easy to operate. The successful supply of the Crecorder, also indicates the increasingly close co-operation of LAUNCH Tech and SPX on automotive diagnostic technology and business aspects. Both sides are the global core competitive manufacturers in automotive after-market, and LAUNCH Tech takes an important position in the rapidly developing Chinese market, the cooperation have an excellent promotion in the development of the global automotive after-market, and give a full play to their own advantages at the same time and better the service for the global automotive aftermarket customers.

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