X431,GDS Batterybox
元征软件     2012-01-06 00:00:00.0

        X-431 GDS is a new generation of sophisticated and integrated automotive diagnostic product with colorful screen and powerful functions developed by LAUNCH. It provides an optional function of automotive battery test, which adopts the latest state-of-the-art conductance testing technology in the world and can test vehicle's battery status. Two testing environments (Inside the Vehicle and Outside the Vehicle) are available and applicable to battery test. In addition to battery test, charging system and actuation system test can be done while Inside the Vehicle is selected. It supports various battery standards and specifications, including CCA, DIN, IEC, EN, JIS, SAE and GB etc. It is specifically designed to help car owner, repair workshop, battery factory use battery test instrument properly and determine whether the battery is normal or not. Batterybox can be connected to X-431 GDS main unit via USB data cable. In addition to portability and practicality, it also has a high performance-price ratio and features a full coverage of diagnosing and troubleshooting. Believe it is your best choice!

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