KWB-812 and KWB-811 Wheel Balancers release
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        KWB-812/KWB-811 wheel balancers can balance tires up to 200kg(KWB-812)/160kg(KWB-811) and maximum wheel diameter up to 1300mm. The balancers are equipped with a pneumatic lifting platform which makes operation more convenient. 1). KWB-812/KWB-811 features and functions with tire models conversion function, suitable for small, medium and large tires. many dynamic and static balancing modes. with multi-positioning methods for tires. self-calibration function ensures stable performance and pleasant operation. ounce/gram and mm/inch conversion. unbalancing value displayed accurately and position to add weight is indicated definitely. with security interlock protection full-automatic pneumatic lift used for large size wheels. full-automatic pneumatic brake(KWB-812). manual locks positioning to make operation more conveniently(KWB-812). Optional four-hole/five-hole adapter. 2). KWB-812/KWB-811 technical data power supply/motor power:110V/220V/380V/250W max. wheel weight:200kg(KWB-812)/160kg(KWB-811) rim width: 3″-20″(76.2-508mm) rim diameter:10″-30″(254-762mm) max. wheel diameter:33″/51″(840/1300mm) balancing accuracy:±1g/±10g balancing cycle:8-12s/10-20s air pressure:0.4-0.8MPa noise:<70dB

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